MS Word Basics: Outlining and TOC

This might seem like a relatively non-technical topic compared with the other posts on my blog, but I suspect these tips will be useful to somebody!  One of my reasons for keeping a blog is to record

Securely Transmitting Information Across AngularJS to .NET Web API Services

Working with angularJS and .NET WebAPI 2 presents some challenges. In this scenario, the client side of our app is a single-page rich java client application written in AngularJS, and makes heavy use of web services. The

SharePoint App Part Resizing, When Using AngularJS

Provider Hosted Apps Sometimes it’s necessary to embed rich, non-SharePoint functionality in a SharePoint site. The preferred way to do this in SharePoint 2013 is to use a Provider Hosted App. SharePoint then acts as a “host”

NLog Database Configuration

When using NLog on web sites (most notably in SharePoint or in HttpModules), I’ve noticed some problems with file logging. So I found myself looking for a good database configuration which matches some basic needs. I settled

Link back to Android app using intent-filter

This post covers a simple scenario where we have a web page (for example, on our organization’s mobile site) that we would like to link back to the mobile app. In our AndroidManifest.xml, create an intent-filter element

Signing Your Cordova Android App

So your app is tested, and relatively bug-free – congratulations! Now it’s time to publish on Google Play. You’ll find out pretty quickly that there are a couple of modifications you’ll need to make to your app.

Use Cordova to Initiate an Email

Since your Cordova app runs in an HTML Layout Engine, there’s a very straight-forward way to initiate an email: a link. However, if you want to create a nicely formatted email, or a longer one, you need

Build Configurations in Cordova using Hooks

When working with Cordova or Phone Gap, you might need a way to configure your dev build differently from your production build. For example, you might have a set of web services to be used for development,

Android Notifications using Cordova and Ionic

So you want to add push notifications to your Cordova/Android/Ionic app? I’ll walk through it. Most of this entry applies to Cordova and Android, in case you’ve made the mistake of NOT using Ionic… Basic Info Android

Cordova and AngularJS – Opening links in system browser

In the course of writing my Android/Cordova/Ionic app, I ran into another tricky requirement: Display HTML content from a web service, containing links. These links should open in the user’s preferred browser. In the end, there are