Monthly Archive:: March 2014

30 Mar 2014

Cordova and AngularJS – Opening links in system browser

In the course of writing my Android/Cordova/Ionic app, I ran into another tricky requirement: Display HTML content from a web service, containing links. These links should open in the user’s preferred browser. In the end, there are
7 Mar 2014

Changing the Cordova app icon

It seems that many Cordova tasks, even fundamental ones, require some degree of research.  In this case, I first found a solution that was “close enough”, and then found a better one.  Both are shown here. The
7 Mar 2014

Renaming a Cordova application

As my loyal readers know, I’ve been working on my first Cordova application, focusing on Android.  Of course I found the Android emulator to be very slow, so I worked solely in a browser for a few
7 Mar 2014

Running Your Android/Cordova App

Running the app If this is your first Android/Cordova app, you’re going to find out pretty quickly (like in the first 5 minutes) that you’ll need a place to run it. You have a few options: On
3 Mar 2014

AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 2

In AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 1 we got things rolling.  We now have node.js, Cordova and associated tools in our environment.  Now to apply AngularJS and Ionic. Part 1 will get you up and running
3 Mar 2014

AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 1

The Cordova framework (pretty much synonymous with PhoneGap) puts an HTML5 “wrapper” over the native code (for ios or Android), working toward the goal of write-once-run-anywhere code.   Instead of writing in Objective C or Java, most