Git Branching

Here’s a basic example of branching from the command line, for reference. This sequence of commands: switches the user to the intended “source branch”, creates a new local branch (and checks it out at the same time),

Upload to S3 with expiring link

Upload a file to S3, and create a temporary link for it.

WordPress in AWS – the Real World

This article outlines one way to wire up WordPress AT SCALE. In the real world, there can be separate and distinct development, staging and production environments. So how should we move information between them, and how should

AWS Credential Manager

In my work as a consultant, I’ve found the need to switch frequently between different sets of credentials. I’ve integrated some of the following methods into a .NET based credential management tool, located on github. This way

Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

For a recent project we needed a signed certificate for an HTTPS server, and to import into the AWS Certificate Manager. This article is for you if you need to submit a CSR to an administrator or

Use SSL Client Authentication with node.js and Express

For a recent engagement, I was asked to set up client authentication for a node.js/express app. With this type of authentication, an SSL certificate is required to access the site. To get the most out this article,

Connect to an AWS CodeCommit git repository

Let’s review how¬†to connect to an AWS CodeCommit git repository. As new git users quickly find out, each implementation of git (github, bitbucket, CodeCommit etc) has a slightly different way of authenticating the user. These steps only

node.js deep dive: Passing config variables through jade

Using a MEAN stack knockoff, I needed to pass variables configured in the server environment, to make them accessible to client side javascript. In doing so I had to tangle with nconf and jade. Here was my

Linux Cheat Sheet – Users

Create User Eek, reverse it SSH Instance Access Set up an ssh key, and add it to the current user’s authorized keys. Location for sudo privs Also helpful:

Linux Cheat Sheet

One purpose of this blog is to have a convenient place for me and others to look up repeatable processes. In this case, it’s mostly about me. But you are welcome. Minimal explanation here – There are