node.js deep dive: Passing config variables through jade

Using a MEAN stack knockoff, I needed to pass variables configured in the server environment, to make them accessible to client side javascript. In doing so I had to tangle with nconf and jade. Here was my

Linux Cheat Sheet – Users

Create User Eek, reverse it SSH Instance Access Set up an ssh key, and add it to the current user’s authorized keys. Location for sudo privs Also helpful:

Linux Cheat Sheet

One purpose of this blog is to have a convenient place for me and others to look up repeatable processes. In this case, it’s mostly about me. But you are welcome. Minimal explanation here – There are

AWS Credential Management .NET Code

Update I no longer use the code below, but it evolved into a .NET based credential management tool, and is located on github. Naturally all the source code is out there. Let me know if you find

Managing AWS Credentials for .NET Developers

When developing .NET apps that use AWS, it’s helpful to know that there are a number of ways to store credentials. These can be used for AWS SDK for .NET calls in your app, or AWS CLI

Validating Start/End dates in AngularJS

In this scenario, the user is prompted for starting/ending dates. Ideally these are validated as the user is filling out the form (rather than on submit). However the co-dependence between different fields makes directive use difficult. I

Angular Bootstrap Date Picker validation fix

The Angular Bootstrap date picker is very helpful for UI look/feel. But its validation is inadequate. Javascript is used to determine the date. So I enter 1/1/1, it’s parsed as a valid date even though it’s likely

Why I like WordPress

Is it surprising that after years of developing and implementing web sites, that I should be singing the praises of WordPress? Not really. I first noticed WordPress as I was seeking information on a content management system

Git: Merging changes from one upstream branch into another

Let’s say we have two branches, “Development” and “Testing”, in the upstream repository.    Our developers push their changes to the Development branch.  Periodically during the development cycle, we’ll need to update our Testing branch to bring it

Using Git with Visual Studio 2013

In this post I’ll outline how to make code changes when using Git with Visual Studio. This applies regardless of where git is hosted (TFS, GitHub or elsewhere). Git differs from other source control because of its