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12 Aug 2014

Link back to Android app using intent-filter

This post covers a simple scenario where we have a web page (for example, on our organization’s mobile site) that we would like to link back to the mobile app. In our AndroidManifest.xml, create an intent-filter element
15 Jul 2014

Signing Your Cordova Android App

So your app is tested, and relatively bug-free – congratulations! Now it’s time to publish on Google Play. You’ll find out pretty quickly that there are a couple of modifications you’ll need to make to your app.
21 Jun 2014

Use Cordova to Initiate an Email

Since your Cordova app runs in an HTML Layout Engine, there’s a very straight-forward way to initiate an email: a link. However, if you want to create a nicely formatted email, or a longer one, you need
11 Apr 2014

Android Notifications using Cordova and Ionic

So you want to add push notifications to your Cordova/Android/Ionic app? I’ll walk through it. Most of this entry applies to Cordova and Android, in case you’ve made the mistake of NOT using Ionic… Basic Info Android
30 Mar 2014

Cordova and AngularJS – Opening links in system browser

In the course of writing my Android/Cordova/Ionic app, I ran into another tricky requirement: Display HTML content from a web service, containing links. These links should open in the user’s preferred browser. In the end, there are
7 Mar 2014

Changing the Cordova app icon

It seems that many Cordova tasks, even fundamental ones, require some degree of research.  In this case, I first found a solution that was “close enough”, and then found a better one.  Both are shown here. The
7 Mar 2014

Running Your Android/Cordova App

Running the app If this is your first Android/Cordova app, you’re going to find out pretty quickly (like in the first 5 minutes) that you’ll need a place to run it. You have a few options: On
3 Mar 2014

AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 2

In AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 1 we got things rolling.  We now have node.js, Cordova and associated tools in our environment.  Now to apply AngularJS and Ionic. Part 1 will get you up and running
3 Mar 2014

AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 1

The Cordova framework (pretty much synonymous with PhoneGap) puts an HTML5 “wrapper” over the native code (for ios or Android), working toward the goal of write-once-run-anywhere code.   Instead of writing in Objective C or Java, most