SharePoint 2010 Archive

9 Aug 2013

SP2010 “Cannot access local farm” issue

An error I’ve frequently encountered is the “Cannot access local farm” issue.  This can come up when attempting to run a PowerShell script or STSADM command, and looks something like this: Get-SPWeb : Cannot access the local
9 Aug 2013

SP2010 Search Primer

Find the Search Administration Console (from central admin) Select service applications Select the search service application. Find and set Crawl Rules Crawl rules are located here Crawl Rules can be used to Include or Exclude.  In the
21 Aug 2012

SharePoint File Downloader

At Synteractive, our SharePoint deployments often have both custom functionality AND a nice UI. So (in our most interesting projects) we’ll have designers working with developers. As a result, we used to end up with one of
9 Aug 2012

Place the user name anywhere

Everyone loves to see their name on a web page. It’s verification that the user is logged in properly, and perhaps validation of some sort? Well without getting into the psychology of it, I’d like to share
18 Jun 2012

SharePoint Drag/Drop file upload using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

In my current work on a custom interface for a document management system, I was challenged to create a drag/drop interface for adding files to SharePoint.  I investigated a number of alternatives. Initially these were my considerations:
9 Jun 2012

Implementing custom folder statistics in SharePoint 2010 using c#

In one scenario this past week, I needed to display the total number of files and folders within any folder.  These numbers needed to be recursive – so if a document is three folders deep within the
14 May 2012

Typical Web.config Tweaks

These are some web.config modifications that I typically need at my fingertips.  After all, who can memorize all this stuff? Allow scripts to be embedded in asp pages. Allow asp scripts to access external libraries In the
14 May 2012

Implementing Favorites in SharePoint 2010

As a SharePoint consultant, I’m often asked to provide features which “should” exist, but Microsoft just doesn’t provide. Often these are features which might be common in the Web 2.0 world, but – well, not here. In
11 May 2012

Building a SharePoint 2010 WSP Using TeamCity

I’ve been using Continuous Integration for years.  It’s been a part of almost every project I’ve worked on.  Prior to a few months ago, I was a CruiseControl.NET devotee, but recently a few of my colleagues expressed