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1 Oct 2019

Git Branching

Here’s a basic example of branching from the command line, for reference. This sequence of commands: switches the user to the intended “source branch”, creates a new local branch (and checks it out at the same time),
22 Nov 2016

Connect to an AWS CodeCommit git repository

Let’s review how to connect to an AWS CodeCommit git repository. As new git users quickly find out, each implementation of git (github, bitbucket, CodeCommit etc) has a slightly different way of authenticating the user. These steps only
15 May 2015

Git: Merging changes from one upstream branch into another

Let’s say we have two branches, “Development” and “Testing”, in the upstream repository.    Our developers push their changes to the Development branch.  Periodically during the development cycle, we’ll need to update our Testing branch to bring it
23 Apr 2015

Using Git with Visual Studio 2013

In this post I’ll outline how to make code changes when using Git with Visual Studio. This applies regardless of where git is hosted (TFS, GitHub or elsewhere). Git differs from other source control because of its
15 Apr 2015

Getting started with Git/TFS

I recently moved one of my projects to a TFS Git repository.  But Git did not start out as a Microsoft product, and Git is a relatively recent addition to TFS.   The TFS Visual Studio tools