Changing the Cordova app icon

It seems that many Cordova tasks, even fundamental ones, require some degree of research.  In this case, I first found a solution that was “close enough”, and then found a better one.  Both are shown here. The

Renaming a Cordova application

As my loyal readers know, I’ve been working on my first Cordova application, focusing on Android.  Of course I found the Android emulator to be very slow, so I worked solely in a browser for a few

Running Your Android/Cordova App

Running the app If this is your first Android/Cordova app, you’re going to find out pretty quickly (like in the first 5 minutes) that you’ll need a place to run it. You have a few options: On

AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 2

In AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 1 we got things rolling.  We now have node.js, Cordova and associated tools in our environment.  Now to apply AngularJS and Ionic. Part 1 will get you up and running

AngularJS/Cordova mobile app Dev Setup – Part 1

The Cordova framework (pretty much synonymous with PhoneGap) puts an HTML5 “wrapper” over the native code (for ios or Android), working toward the goal of write-once-run-anywhere code.   Instead of writing in Objective C or Java, most

AngularJS Elevator Pitch

When meeting people in DC, the conversation usually turns to “what do you do” within about 5 minutes. Because I’m in a technical field, this usually takes a bit of thought. Depending on whom I’m talking to,

SP2010 “Cannot access local farm” issue

An error I’ve frequently encountered is the “Cannot access local farm” issue.  This can come up when attempting to run a PowerShell script or STSADM command, and looks something like this: Get-SPWeb : Cannot access the local

SP2010 Search Primer

Find the Search Administration Console (from central admin) Select service applications Select the search service application. Find and set Crawl Rules Crawl rules are located here Crawl Rules can be used to Include or Exclude.  In the

SharePoint File Downloader

At Synteractive, our SharePoint deployments often have both custom functionality AND a nice UI. So (in our most interesting projects) we’ll have designers working with developers. As a result, we used to end up with one of

Place the user name anywhere

Everyone loves to see their name on a web page. It’s verification that the user is logged in properly, and perhaps validation of some sort? Well without getting into the psychology of it, I’d like to share